Terms & Condition

Booking confirmation

With respect to Safari arrangements and hotel reservations made directly through this website, your reservation will become confirmed once you have sent an on-line confirmation and pay the advance payment, and paid the total amount due in full or any required deposits and when we acknowledge receipt of your full payment.

Booking is accepted only after we receive written confirmation from you along with full payment or deposit of 50% of the value of the itinerary.

For booking made via our Internet booking engine or the website full payment or for email inquiries, the full payment or payment of a deposit or your written confirmation will indicate an acceptance of these terms and conditions by you.

Final Payment

If balance of payment is due, payment must be paid by you before 14 days of the arrival date and will be sending you a reminder for that.

Payments for full or part payment for the itinerary arrangements may be made by bank transfer (Visa, Master card,)

Date changes will be done subject to availability.

Cancellation policy

The cancellation policy will be applicable to the original date of arrival. For hotel bookings,

  • Cancellations received with 45 days or more notice, will be refunded in full less any bank charges. (If any)
  • Cancellations received with less than 7 days’ notice is subject to a 100% cancellation fee.
  • Failure to arrive at the hotel is subject to a 100% cancellation fee.


The above terms and condition are valid from the 20th August 2018.