Yala National Park

Yala Sri Lanka

Yala is Sri Lanka’s Second largest and most famous, National Park. Yala is the dry zone park forming a total area of 1268 sq km and it divided in to 5 zones, and the two zones that (Ruhunu national park and the Kumana national park) are open to public and tourists are zone 1 (Block I of the Yala National Park established in 1938) and zone 5 (Block V was opened in 1969). Those other zones are reserved only for research and documentary filming, you will find that the bush reaches right up to the trailsin zone 1, so you will have limited views into the animals habitat and have to get lucky that the animals are in the road or beside the road in many areas of the park. You will have broader landscape viewsIn zone 5, so it is definitely worth at least one visit.Yala national park carries in to affect the most beautiful experience of wild life.

in the South Yala’s attraction surpasses any other the country for its large number of animals and the two rivers running right through the park, providing much needed water to the animals principal among which are the elephants.

During the months of January- July leopards become very active. Literally, leopards are roaming everywhere. Tourists can capture them into photographs in distance. Sloth bear, elephants, jackal, monkeys, wild buffaloes, langur, leopards, and Sambar can be seen. Yala has a considerable population of wild elephants. During the months of May-August are the best months to watch elephants. Yala is considered as one of the 70 important Bird Areas in Sri Lanka

The Manik River is the main southern river, It also provides the perfect backdrop for the elephants and the deer.

Yala was designated a wildlife sanctuary in 1990 and was designated a National Park in 1938. Yala National Park is home to 44 varieties of mammals and 215 bird species.

The park is best known for its variety of wild animals. It is important for the conservation of Sri Lankan elephants, Leopards and aquatic birds.

  • Distance from Kataragama to: Katagamuwa Entrance: 14Km
  • Distance from Tissamaharama to Palatupana Entrance: 14Km
Location Southern and Uva Provinces, Sri Lanka
Nearest city Thissamarama
Area 978.807 km2 (377.919 sq mi)
Established 1900 (Wildlife sanctuary)
1938 (National park)
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